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  • Great team, always quick to answer the phone and help where they can. Very proactive. Thanks all.

    suzann bozorgi Avatar
    suzann bozorgi
  • Great website, very user friendly and packed full of lots of helpful advice, information and documents!

    Charlotte Kirkman Avatar
    Charlotte Kirkman
  • Great idea; I wish Sparqa the best of luck as they roll out their service

    Mark Ryan Avatar
    Mark Ryan
  • Very useful, smart service for scaling businesses, full of exactly the kind of information we need on a day-to-day basis. And much more efficient than traditional approaches to legal services. Definitely recommend.

    David Lambert Avatar
    David Lambert
  • I'm the founder of an early stage startup and have already used Sparqa to quickly pull legal documents together. Like seedlegals but for day to day docs

    Sam Hussain Avatar
    Sam Hussain
  • They have a great team of reps that are quick to respond to any questions. I'm just getting started with using the toolkit that I purchased, but I think it's going to be invaluable. Thank you!

    Bridget Morris Avatar
    Bridget Morris
  • this is such a valuable resource and as cheap as chipsone consulting contract or employment contract covers the annual chargewe used their Covid advice extensively - which would have cost 20 times the cost if we picked the phone up to our corporate lawyer

    John O'Callaghan Avatar
    John O'Callaghan
  • A great idea which is certainly Business friendly with lots of options and No hidden costs or small print. Very responsive when contacted and clear professional advice.

    Andrew Bird Avatar
    Andrew Bird
  • As a business founder I’ve needed various legal documents over the years. Discovering Sparqa Legal recently whilst looking for a shareholders agreement has probably saved me thousands already. The documents are a helpful resource and the legal guidance is practical and punchy.

    E N Avatar
    E N
  • I'm finding Sparqa really helpful in giving the basic grounding for all kinds of corporate queries and the document library is a quick and helpful resource too

    Estelle Symonds Avatar
    Estelle Symonds
  • Great service!

    Alex Jax Avatar
    Alex Jax
  • Very easy to use and highly professional

    Simon Miller Avatar
    Simon Miller
  • I’m a company director and find myself coming back to Sparqa Legal time and time again. I’ve used it for so many things: employment contracts, NDAs, GDPR assistance, several company and shareholder matters, website T&Cs and policies.I’m a barrister by background and trust in Sparqa Legal because the guidance and documents are produced by experienced lawyers from leading city firms and chambers; so for a fraction of the cost you are getting up to date and practical advice you know you can rely on.The nice thing about their documents is that you are guided through the process with practical tips to ensure that you actually understand what it is you are producing (!)They also have thousands of practical and easy to understand Q&A dealing with the main issues a business owner might face - it is genuinely like having your own online Legal Counsel!The team are always a joy to deal with and highly professional too. It would be great if they covered more content to help self employed people and individuals.

    Oscar Mathew Avatar
    Oscar Mathew
  • I first used Sparqa for may language business when I was looking for guidance on the IR35 changes and was really impressed with their Q&A service. They covered everything I needed! It's like having your own HR or solicitor in house! I must admit I was unsure at first because I did not know how reliable the guidance would be and about not being able to talk to someone face to face but I was surprised to realise that they use top class lawyers and found the information invaluable. Top service ! Thank you so much.

    silvina katz Avatar
    silvina katz


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