To help build and protect a million small businesses

Sparqa Legal is here to help.


On average businesses face legal issues 8 times a year and 90% of them believe that traditional law firms don’t provide a cost-effective solution. Sparqa Legal is here to solve this problem.

Founded in 2016 by barrister, Andrew Thornton, along with a team of senior barristers & tech execs, Sparqa Legal empowers businesses with reliable legal answers and contracts that you can trust


Our founding team of barristers and tech execs have a proven track record in the LegalTech market. We’re the same minds behind FromCounsel, the online legal resource trusted by top global law firms.

Our legal content is written by an in-house team of expert lawyers, from leading London barristers chambers and City law firms. Our proprietary software is created by our world-class development team.

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