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Posted on September 3, 2020
Posted by Sparqa Legal

You can create legal documents in minutes using Sparqa Legal. They are simple to use, quick to complete and trustworthy. Our legal documents are thoroughly researched, written and maintained by a team of dedicated in-house lawyers. You can rest assured your completed document is reliable, up-to-date and legally binding.

Instructing a lawyer to draft you a legal contract can cost hundreds if not thousands of pounds. Using Sparqa Legal’s clever auto-creation tool, you can generate a customised legal document, policy or contract from only £10+vat. For the most common legal documents such as Employment contracts, NDAs and Privacy Policies it is now possible to create these yourself without using a lawyer! Sparqa Legal helps you do to all this while saving you time, money and stress.


Legal Documents

Our Legal Documents are Reliable and Trustworthy

We ensure that our documents are the highest quality and take into account the latest changes to the law. To do this, our documents go through several review stages and are continually reviewed and updated where necessary. Our in-house team of experienced business lawyers have all been drawn from leading London barristers chambers and city firms.

As our documents have been written by top lawyers, your business can enjoy the same quality legal documents as large corporates, all online and at the click of a button. We empower businesses to auto-generate their own legal documents, at a fraction of the cost of instructing a lawyer.

How it Works – Our Clever Legal Document Automation Tool

Creating legal documents is simple. We’ve developed a clever document auto-generation tool that enables you to create documents in minutes.

We have over 380 legal documents on our site. Sparqa Legal allows you to generate and customise legal documents such as contracts and letters (note that simple forms, guides and checklists can be downloaded straightaway since they don’t require customisation). Simply fill out a questionnaire-style form and we populate the document accordingly. Then just download your new document as Word or PDF. It’s that easy!

Our lawyers have done all the thinking for you and written the decisions trees which determines which sections and/or clauses are relevant – based on your answers. Our tech team have coded this into the system to ensure that your legal document will be bespoke and customised for your business.

Check out our documents library at and filter by type or legal topic.

Legal documents

Creating Legal Documents – 5 Simple Steps

  1. Select the correct document – this may sound like an obvious thing, but is an easy mistake to make. Legal documents have different names, abbreviations or nicknames. Also you may think you need one document but actually need another to help with your issue. Each of our documents have a clear descriptive overview with links to other documents which may be more relevant to your needs. The overview page also outlines:
    1. When you should use the document
    2. What the document covers
    3. Why you need the document
    4. Where you can find out more

We also show you a sample page of the document so you can see what it looks like when complete. You can find the document you need by using the search bar, filtering through the legal documents library, or by clicking directly from a link in our Q&A.

  1. Get started – On the document description page, click “Get started”. Our document builder tool will open. In the first step of the document customisation process, you will be shown some preliminary information on what you need to know before you use this template. Make sure to read this carefully and click “Next”.
  2. Build Document – we have built a clever legal document creation tool that allows you to build and customise you legal documents (such as contracts, agreements and policies) in a matter of minutes, simply by filling in a short questionnaire online. The simple documents (e.g. Website Terms of Use) take only 5 minutes and the more complex documents (e.g. Employment Contract) may take up to 20 minutes. Next to each question, we have provided practical guidance to take you through the process and understand what the document means to you and your business.
  3. Save & Store – all our documents can be saved part way through or at the end. If you save part way through you’ll find your incomplete document within your ‘My Account’ section. This can be found within ‘Documents in Progress’. Here you can find, filter and store all your saved and completed documents. You can even re-edit the documents, copy them for different iterations and delete them when they are no longer required.
  4. Download, Print and Sign – once you have filled all required information, click “Finish”. Now you can choose between downloading your ready-to-use, customised document in PDF or MSWord format. After having downloaded the file, make sure to double-check the information and carefully read your final document. Then, if required, sign it and make it legal!

What type of legal documents does Sparqa Legal cover?

We have “automated” the most common legal documents that a business would need whether it be during an HR process, to support a website or to maintain confidentiality with partners. Our documents include:

  • legal agreements and contracts (e.g. employment contracts)
  • handbooks (e.g. employee handbooks)
  • terms (e.g. terms and conditions for your website)
  • legal letters, agendas, certificates and notices (e.g. letters to shareholders)
  • company resolutions (e.g. board minutes)

Furthermore, Sparqa Legal provides the following types of documents and additional resources for simple download (without the need to complete any forms). These include:

  • forms (e.g. impact assessments)
  • checklists (e.g. for registering your company)
  • comparisons (e.g. of different modes of incorporation)
  • lists (e.g. of legal status categories of a company)
  • step-by-step guides and flowcharts (e.g. on how to fill certain legal forms)

Visit our documents library to find out for yourself:

What are the most popular legal documents?

We have an extensive library of over >380 documents across 13 areas of business law, some of which have been neatly grouped into toolkits.

Give it a go and try out one of our most popular documents:

  • Terms and Conditions – If you are selling any service or good you should consider sharing Terms & Conditions of the sale with clients
  • NDA – use NDAs if discussing confidential information with anyone outside your business. This will These you and ensure others know you are serious about confidentiality.
  • Website Terms of Use – to sell goods or services via a website you must state key information about your business clearly on the site
  • Privacy Policy – you can be fined if you misuse data about people or don’t explain things properly. If you are using cookies or collecting customer information you need a privacy policy and cookies popup to get consent to them.
  • Employment Contract – sets out the agreement between the employer and the employee and confirms things like hours, parentlay leave, holiday and pay etc…
  • Staff Handbook and Policies – sometimes called a company handbook, which covers policies and the day-to-day running of the business (disciplinary, grievance, flexible working. H&S etc.).
  • Shareholders Agreement – if you have set up your business with someone else you should protect your interests and set out expectations in a SHA
  • Email Footer and Disclaimer – you must legally include certain information on external company emails. It protects you by making it clear that you are trading through a company. It is actually a criminal offence not to do this

How to buy Sparqa Legals’ legal documents?

You can sign up to Sparqa Legal for free and pay for which ever documents you need. Documents can be purchased individually or within a toolkit. Individual documents are priced from £10+vat to £25+vat

Alternatively from only £10+vat a month you can get unlimited access to Sparqa Legal. Once you start a subscription you have unlimited access to all our legal resources and documents. You can copy them, store them and create as many documents as you need.

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