Terms and conditions generator: customise T&Cs for your business

Posted on February 18, 2021
Posted by Sparqa Legal

Want to create terms and conditions for your business? Look no further. Our terms and conditions generator will help you create T&Cs that are customised to your business operations. 

Whether your business sells goods, services or both, we’ve got you covered. Find the suitable terms and conditions generator for your business below: 

  1. T&Cs for selling goods
  2. T&Cs for service providers 
  3. T&Cs for businesses selling goods and services

Our template T&Cs have been produced by a team of experienced lawyers and they contain important information about the terms of your services as well as important protections for your business. The terms and conditions generator asks you a series of questions to help customise the T&Cs to your business operations and make sure you’re covered. 


How the terms and conditions generator works

  1. Select the appropriate T&Cs generator for your business operations  
  2. Fill in the questionnaire to customise your T&Cs (hint: we’ve included helpful tips along the way)
  3. Download your completed T&Cs 
  4. Provide them to your customers and start trading!


Watch our video to see the terms and conditions generator in action


What are terms and conditions? 

Terms and conditions (or T&Cs) set out how you will provide goods or services to your customers (eg price, payment terms, delivery and standard of service). They also set out various rights and responsibilities as well as important protections for your business (eg to protect your IP and confidential information and limit your liability). 

Don’t confuse them with website terms of use (sometimes called website terms and conditions)! These set out terms for visitors using your website and protect it from undesirable use. If you’re looking to create website terms of use instead, this template can help you create a customised version for your site. 


Are terms and conditions required by law?

No, but it’s a good idea to have them. 

They help to make sure you and your customer are on the same page, reducing the risk of disagreements later down the line. 


How do I provide my T&Cs to my customers? 

For detailed guidance about terms and conditions, including how to provide them to your customers, see our T&Cs guide for SMEs


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