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An employer’s roadmap out of lockdown: key legal considerations

As the UK starts cautiously easing out of lockdown, this employer’s roadmap highlights key legal issues for employers to consider at each stage, alongside a practical checklist to help you tick things off as you go.

Horizon Scanning: Are you ready for this April’s employment law changes?

April’s always a busy time of year for any employer or HR professional; we’ve rounded up key employment law changes your business needs to look out for this April.

World Consumer Rights Day – make your ads compliant, avoid complaints!

World Consumer Rights Day is a good time to check your ads are legally compliant. We’ve set out six tips to help you comply with marketing and consumer law when advertising.

F is for…

Fixed Charge

A mechanism by which a lender can secure a debt owed to them by your business. Similar to a mortgage, a fixed charge will restrict you from doing certain things with the specified asset(s) (including selling them!) until you have paid off the debt.

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