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And the gold medal goes to…! Recognising and rewarding success at work

As Olympics fever grows, if you’re feeling inspired to reward the success of your own star performers we’ve set out a few golden rules to stick to.

Health and safety update – COVID-19 rules from 19 July 2021

This guide sets out the key COVID-19 rules from 19 July 2021 in England and includes a free template COVID-19 risk assessment for businesses.

Advertising and running a prize draw: Rules for influencers and promoters

This guide sets out the key rules under the CAP Code for running a prize draw, including how to write terms and conditions and select winners.

W is for…

Winding up

The process by which a company is closed. Its assets are sold to pay off creditors and other expenses. Any assets and cash remaining are then distributed to the shareholders, and the company itself then ceases to exist.

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