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Reset and Refresh: Starting 2022 as you mean to go on

January can provide a good opportunity to reset and focus on the year ahead. We’ve pulled together some key considerations for your business to help you start 2022 as you mean to go on. 

New Year, New Crew? How to prepare for a recruitment exercise

January can be a popular time for staff to move jobs. If you anticipate the need to carry out a recruitment exercise in the coming months, we’ve highlighted what documentation you’ll need to prepare.

New Year’s Resolutions: Writing a business plan

If you’re thinking about raising finance for your business in 2022, make sure your New Year’s Resolutions include writing a comprehensive business plan. Our checklist will help you get started.

K is for…

KIT day

A Keeping in Touch day for staff on maternity or adoption leave where they can choose to work for their employer without ending or extending their leave.

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